Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A lot to catch up on!

Hello! It has been so long since I posted last.  I kind of forgot about my blog for awhile :P  I have been super busy with all kind of stuff!  Competitive soccer takes up a lot of time, then I have piano, I had a missions trip, and I recently got back from St. Louis for vacation. So here are some highlights:
In April, I entered in a piano competition called Senior Competition and became finalist!  This is where I competed:
Sophie had her ballet recital in May and she did a wonderful job!  Doesn't she look beautiful?

Sophie also went on a missions trip to Dallas, TX with some of the kids from our church. Here are a few pics of the day she left:

Here she is working in a food pantry:

They went to a Texas Rangers game for their fun day:

Sam and I went to NYC for our missions trip.  It was amazing!
Here is a picture when I was on the subway:

We worked in Food Bank while we were there, which was pretty fun :) We stocked the whole pantry because they had nothing stocked yet.  

Here we are walking around NYC and times square the first night we got there:

My friends Kersten, Courtney, and I:

My Friend Maddie and I:
We also went to parks and handed out sandwiches to the homeless and just talked with them about whatever they needed to talk about.  I loved doing that and I was definitely came out of my comfort zone on this trip.  I made new friends from my youth group and we made new friends in NYC.  It was a really cool experience!
My NOAH high school team did a great job this past season!  I was out for over half of it because of injuries.  I pulled a couple of muscles in my leg and broke my big toe at the same time.  I was tough not being able to play.  I am so proud of my team and I can't wait until next year!

We also placed 2nd in Nationals.  It was a pretty great tournament!  Sadie and her friend Peyton got to play with us and they are 8th graders. They did an awesome job!

I also got All Tournament Player award!

I won best defender award for NOAH. Yay!

Sadie and Henry also went to St. Louis for a missions trip a few weeks ago.  They went to a Cardinal's game for their fun day too! Here are some pics:

Here some pics from the 4th of July (We played a lot of baseball with our cousins and Uncle):

Sadie played her last season with her team, Epic.  She has been with this team since she was really little and now she has moved on to competitive.

Silas is in Baseball right now and doing a really good job!

Sophie decided to quit ballet and try volleyball out and she really seems to like it!
Here she is trying out for the NOAH team.  She is the smallest girl there!  She did not end up making it on NOAH but she still plays on her other team.

Here are some pics from our vacation to St. Louis:
We went to 6 flags and had a great time!  Here is a  pic of Mom and Nick waiting for us to get off a roller coaster:

We also went to a really neat place called Grant's Farm.  Here is a selfie mom got with a camel:  Ha!

Here is Dad feeding one of the baby goats there:

We also went to an awesome place called the City Museum!  The guy who made it, made it from whatever he could get his hands on.  It is just a lot of random things put together to make caves, ball pits, playground, multiple slides, and so much more! It is definitely something you should see!

I am not much on heights at all! This this is on the top of the roof looking down off the building.  Mom paid me $10 bucks to do it so I did :P

We also went to an ice cream shack called Ted Drewes and it was really good!

The last night we were they we went to a Cardinal's vs. Dodgers baseball game that lasted 16 innings! We stayed the whole game and we lost!!!  ( We are Dodgers fans)  It was really fun though! My first pro game to go to.

We also went to the arch and the zoo while we were there.  It was a good break before school starts. Ugh!
Last thing I want to mention was the loss of our Aunt Sue.  She battled cancer for over 11 years.  She was an amazing person and definitely my role model.  She was the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met.  I love her and miss her a lot, but I am glad she is not suffering any longer and that she is with Jesus now.

That is all I have for now and I will try to keep up :)